Buttermilk Marinated Crispy No-Fry Grilled Chicken

This easy to make buttermilk marinated, chicken legs dish just went to instant classic around these parts.

Buttermilk Marinated Crispy No-Fry Grilled Chicken

I had heard of marinating chicken in buttermilk and had even used buttermilk for coating chicken before frying, but never before cooking on the grill.

Buttermilk Marinated Crispy No-Fry Grilled ChickenThe family pack of chicken legs was frozen like a big brick of flavor.  The chicken was on sale, and I got about 16 legs for under three bucks.  Defrosting enough so I could split the pack in half, I put the chicken in a ziplock bag and covered it with about three cups of buttermilk.  The bag of chicken bathing in buttermilk went into the fridge for a 24 hour soak.

The breaded chicken was pretty simple to prep.  Chicken legs went from the buttermilk bath, into the breadcrumbs.  Then back into the buttermilk and breadcrumbs for a second double dipping.

Chicken went on to the big green egg at about temp of about 350F and cooked raised direct on top of Grill Grates for just under two hours.  Twice during the cooking process, I brushed the bread crumb crust of the buttermilk marinated chicken with an herb infused olive oil.  This added additional flavor, and intimately made the breadcrumbs a crunchy golden grown.

Buttermilk Marinated Crispy No-Fry Grilled ChickenBringing the chicken inside from the grill, I could smell an intensely herbaceous flavor.  One bite and my mouth tingled with a variety of different nuances.  The first thing you pick up is an amazing crunch from the crust.  Then you realize how firm the meat is despite the connective tissues having disappeared during cooking.  The meat had such an interesting flavor that was more enhanced than disguised.


Other than waiting for the buttermilk marinade to do its magic, this dish is easy to prep, simple to make, and nothing short of delicious.  I am already planning on when I can make it again!


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