Big Green Egg Veal Chops, a Taste of Todays Veal

Creating unique meals on the grill has always been at the core of my culinary expression.

I have been squeamish about trying a few new things, but some of the cuts of meat I shied away from in the past have grown to become my favorite things to grill and share with friends and family. I will not soon forget making these veal chops on the grill.

Recently I was given an opportunity to try what looked like petite porterhouse veal chops from Cedar Springs Veal. The mature side of me realized this was not the pre-breaded, pre-packaged veal cutlets I saw so many times as a kid in the meat department of my local Stop and Shop. After doing my research, I am assured that today’s veal is humanely ┬áraised and Cedar Springs Veal is spearheading that effort.

Big Green Egg Veal Chops, a Taste of Todays VealFor starters, this veal was beautifully packaged. It came vacuum-sealed with durable packaging completely frozen as promised. This was impressive, and encouraged me to treat the delicate meat with respect.

The chops were a perfect serving size each for an intimate outdoor gathering. I wanted to balance the delicate, versatile feel of the chops with just a few herbs and spices to complement flavor of the meat.

Big Green Egg Veal Chops, a Taste of Todays VealA simple sprinkle of salt, pepper, and garlic powder on each side of the veal chops seems sufficient. I adorned each of them with a few citrus ribbons too. Earlier, I combined lemon, lime, and blood orange zest with with parsley and grass fed butter to create a compound butter, which melts on the chops as they grill over all-natural hardwood lump charcoal.

The citrus zest performed as anticipated and released fragrant, tart oils during the grilling process to perfume the meat without being overpowering. The chops were thin and grilled fast over direct heat at about 400F. Taking extra care to make sure the veal chops retained as many of the natural juices as possible, I cooked them rather quickly. Three to four minutes per side and they are cooked through with a beautiful color. As a side, I grill a few thin slices of blood orange and serve them as an edible garnish with wonderful color.

Big Green Egg Veal Chops, a Taste of Todays VealThe veal chops were very juicy and the meat had an extremely elegant flavor for their size. An absolutely incomparable taste. The meat on these veal chops had a sweetness, leaving me satisfied with every bite. I was happy to have balanced the seasoning with the citrus-parsley butter topping and am excited to try this on other cuts of veal in the future.

The veal of my childhood is a thing of the past. Today’s veal is good for you.┬áThe veal chops I had the pleasure of grilling here are a pleasant reminder that veal is delicious and I will certainly be making this dish again.

Disclaimer: I am participating in a contest for Cedar Springs Veal and have been sent product in consideration for promotional usage.

Big Green Egg Veal Chops, a Taste of Todays Veal





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