A New Spin on Grilled Buffalo Wings

These Grilled Buffalo Wings have a secret ingredient- can you guess what it is?

A New Spin on Grilled Buffalo Wings

Chicken on the bone, and chicken marinated overnight in buttermilk… these are a few of my favorite things! I just love doing grilled buffalo wings and by using

I apologize that I only have a “during” photo because the after photo was more of a platter where the wings  had disappeared from.

Grilled Buffalo Wings

If anyone is interested in a zippy new spin on grilled buffalo wings try this:

  1. Put wings in a ziploc bag
  2. add equal parts buttermilk ranch dressing and red hot sauce (3/4 cup each)
  3. Marinade 6-24 hours
  4. Kamado grill- heat soaked at 300-325 raised direct cooking

Here is where it can get fun-

Take the marinated wings out and set on a cooling rack allowing the clumped on marinade to drip off.  Toss the wings in 1/2-2/3 of a cup of potato flakes (from fake mashed potatoes) and then go to your raised direct surface.

I cook for 50 min to an hour turning sparingly but mostly re-arranging to compensate for hot spots.

The skin gets crispy and the potato flakes add an amazing crispy crunch.

Now just sit back and watch then disappear.

Who would have thought that adding potato flakes just prior to putting the Buffalo wings on the grill would leave such a crispy exterior?

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